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All of the teams in Division 1 collegiate hockey have faced the challenge of implementing video replay to review goals in order to comply with new NCAA requirements. Some schools installed a few years ago and others are now ready.

With a few exceptions in the ECAC, most teams faced the challenge of finding more than $30,000 plus the cost of installation. With the tightening of many belts at many universities, the replay system was seen as a luxury rather than the necessity that hockey people felt it to be.

Enter GotoReplay. The architect of the software and the system, Steve Sisak (MIT) has endeavored to find a solution that is easy to use, easy to install, and economical-- and he has done it. Officials who have used the system at Harvard and Dartmouth are pleased and grateful. For the good of the game and for the good of your budget...GotoReplay.


CBS video of replay system

above: Our system in the replay booth.

Side camera

above: Side cameras are used along with overhead cameras.

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